Protectosil® VPS 861

Creating easy-to-clean surfaces on porous mineral building materials


Protectosil® VPS 861 is an aqueous silane-based system intended to render porous mineral substrates hydro- and oleophobic, making them easy to clean shows high reactivity and is alkaline resistant forms invisible and fully water vapor permeable impregnations shows no formation of sticky silicone films gives very good beading effects with water and oily substances on porous mineral substrates reduces siginificantly staining and discoloration due to aqueous or oily substances protects against stains from ketchup, wine, coffee, and soft drinks (stains and spills are easily cleaned away) treated facades remain clean longer and are less susceptible to the growth of microorganisms such as mold and algae   treated facades show no unsightly dark water streaks is supplied ready-to-use has almost zero VOC Protectosil® VPS 861 is suited for rendering porous, mineral substrates easy-to-clean. Protectosil® VPS 861 may be used undiluted or may be diluted using demineralized water if wanted. The amount to be applied is highly dependent on the porosity of the substrate. Very dark substrates should not be treated with Protectosil® VPS 861 since it might cause faint white haze on the surface. The durability of the easy-to-clean effect differs in dependence on the kind of mineral substrate, the amount of applied material, and the outside weather conditions. The durability lasts between half a year and 3 years.