ZEOLEX® 330 Sodium Alumino Silicate powder is used in paints and coatings applications as a titanium dioxide (TiO2) extender and gloss sheen control agent. ZEOLEX® 330 Sodium Alumino Silicate has the whitest and brightest properties of the Evonik ZEOLEX® family. ZEOLEX® 330 Sodium Alumino Silicate provides excellent opacity, whiteness, brightness, flatting and scrub resistance for interior architectural formulations.ZEOLEX® 330 Sodium Alumino Silicate pigment is used as an extender for titanium dioxide on both sides of CPVC. Below CPVC, the small particles of 0.1 to 0.5 microns work as spacer/extenders for titanium dioxide. Above CPVC, the structure based on the particle size building blocks functions as an effective light scattering material in the paint to increase opacity or to compensate for a reduced titanium dioxide content.


Improved scrub resistance Superior performance in flattening Improved matting Reduced TiO2 loading by up to 25% Equally effective in solvent born and water born systeems Delivers cost savings Particle distribution is optimized for packing in the film Excellent touch up performance