ZEOPHARM® 600 synthetic amorphous Calcium Silicate NF has a small particle size (8 microns) and is highly absorptive. With pH-value of 10, the product can serve multiple purposes in tabletting. ZEOPHARM® 600 Calcium Silicate NF can be used to convert liquid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to free flowing powders, as a glidant to allow uniform flow into the tablet press, or as a tablet coating. ZEOPHARM® 600 Calcium Silicate NF allows for absorption of liquids at greater than 50% by weight, yet remains a free flowing powder and as a tablet coating provides a buffering effect for stomach acid.


Converting liquid APIs to free flowing powders- Convenient for taste masking- Absorption of liquid APIs may allow for slower or delayed drug release As a tablet coating- Higher pH acts as a buffer for stomach acid- High absorptive capacity protects tablets from moisture uptake