VP RS 92

VP RS 92 is a developmental easy-to-disperse fumed silica hydrophobized with DDS (Dimethyldichlorosilane).


Applications Paints and coatings Printing inks and toner Silicone rubber and silicone sealants Adhesives Cable compounds and gels Plant protection Cosmetics Properties For use in coatings as an anti-settling agent, as a pigment stabilizer and as an enhancer of corrosion protection Rheology control of (complex) liquid systems Improvement of hydrophobicity and rheology in offset printing inks Hydrophobic component for thickening and reinforcement of RTV-1K silicone sealants Improvement of shelf-life of silicone sealants Water-resistant, hydrophobizing of liquid systems Improvement and maintenance of free flow and anti- caking characteristics of powders * Developmental products are labeled with the VP designation. Commercialization depends on market response.