ZEOFREE® 600 Animal Feed and Nutrition

ZEOFREE® 600 Calcium Silicate has a high-absorptive carrier capacity that absorbs liquids, turning them into free-flowing powder. At Evonik, we understand the headaches associated with absorbing a liquid onto a powder. Achieving the optimal solution requires a balancing of the carrying capacity of the carrier, the viscosity of the liquid, the liquid droplet size when sprayed onto the powder and the mixing time. Evonik has solved these problems for numerous customer applications and can provide the optimal carrier solution for your application with our portfolio of high performing carrier products ready to turn your liquids into free-flowing powders.


Clean convenient handling Accurate dosing and weighing No spillage Shorter cycle times Less loss of material Tasteless carriers and will not add flavor Allows for safer handling of corrosive or acidic ingredients by converting to powder form