ZEOFREE® 5133 (EU)

ZEOFREE® 5133 Calcium Silicate provides low dusting, anti-caking and free-flow properties for a broad variety of food products and processes. Moisture, pressure and temperature all adversely affect powdered and granulated products. These conditions can make products cake, lump, bridge, clog equipment and cause packaging and performance problems. This low dusting product is particularly effective in promoting flow in process, preventing buildup on spray dryer walls and in finished products such as salt and non-dairy creamers as well as other food powders. ZEOFREE® 5133 Calcium Silicate is specifically engineered to provide improved handling, metering ability and function as a spray drying productivity aid.


Prevents caking and eliminates lumps Improves flow and increases packaging rates Reduces or eliminates build up in spray drying operations Decreases clogging and bridging during production Provides a low dusting and non-aluminum option when regulations require