Dynasylan® BTSE



Dynasylan® BTSE is a dipodal alkylsilane, and as such can be used in many diverse applications. It is often used as crosslinking agent for organic and inorganic networks. Its main applications are: Silicones: adhesion promoter and crosslinking agent for silicone sealants and putty compounds Sol-gel systems: Due to its high crosslinking density, it is used as an additive in sol-gel systems. It can increase the chemical as well as mechanical stability of such coatings and primers. Dynasylan® BTSE is commonly used with other sol-gel precursors such as Dynasylan® 9265, Dynasylan® MTES, or Dynasylan® GLYEO. Especially scratch resistant hardcoats and corrosion protection primers are formulated with Dynasylan® BTSE. Resulting hydrophobic and high crosslink density silane layers. Precursor for electronic materials: used as a precursor for low-κ dielectric materials and other inorganic materials Filler treatment: coupling agent and surface modifier for mineral fillers in organic thermosets or duroplasts PVD: Use as PVD-precursor for barrier coatings on plastics (plasma-activated), silane barriers against water and oxygen for plastic foils or films