Dynasylan® SILBOND® 40-HF


Similar to Dynasylan® SILBOND® Condensed and Dynasylan® SILBOND® 40, Dynasylan® SILBOND® 40-HF is used to deposit silicic acid formed as a result of complete hydrolysis. The resulting silicic acid bonds well to many inorganic substrates, such as glass, ceramic, metal, fillers, pigments, and synthetic fibers. The deposition of a thin SiO2 layer improves the chemical and thermal stability and mechanical properties.           Other applications are:      binder, especially for inorganic zinc-rich coatings or precision investment castings      encapsulant for hydroxyl poor fillers to enhance adhesion with functional silanes      crosslinker component in cold-curing silicone rubber systems      hardening component in dentistry for impression materials and as a binder for embedding material         Dynasylan® SILBOND® 40-HF is also used as starting material for sol-gel processes. It is usually used in conjunction with alkylsilanes (e.g. Dynasylan® MTES) organofunctional silanes and/or organic precursors (e.g. organic resins) to form siloxane networks. This makes it possible to obtain highly scratch-, abrasion-, and chemical-resistant coatings.         Dynasylan® SILBOND® 40-HF is immiscible with water, therefore hydrolysis requires a cosolvent as a solubilizer. Mineral acids and ammonia are suitable as catalysts.           Dynasylan® SILBOND® 40-HF or its hydrolysates are also the binder component for 1- and 2-pack inorganic zinc-rich coatings, for corrosion protection on steel, and for slurries used in precision investment castings.