Precipitated silica for use as a white reinforcing filler in the rubber industry.


ULTRASIL® 9100 GR is a highly dispersible (HD) silica. It is strongly reinforcing with a specific surface area (SSA) of approximately 235 m2/g. Due to its outstanding dispersion behavior compared to other high SSA range silica and the very high reinforcing potential, ULTRASIL® 9100 GR is best suited for high performance and ultra high performance passenger car tire treads. In this application it combines a high dynamic stiffness with excellent abrasion and hysteresis characteristics at moderate green compound viscosities. Additionally this silica is also used in truck tire tread compounds with superior cut & chip resistance. Bifunctional organosilanes like Si 69®, Si 75®, Si 266® or Si 363® are required for the use of precipitated silica in tire tread compounds. The use of diethylene glycol, triethanolamine or other alkaline accelerators might be necessary in order to achieve optimum in-rubber data. Application fields are: Tires, mechanical rubber goods.