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TMT 15® REACH Registration

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a European Union regulation enacted to improve protection of human health and the environment against risks arising from chemicals; it applies to all substances.

Companies are obliged to collect information on the properties and uses of the materials they produce as well as of imported substances, and to assess the hazards and possible risks arising from these substances. Downstream users (customers) using these chemicals play a key role in the implementation of safe use. With the introduction of the REACH regulation, only registered substances with safe applications may be brought into use.

The registration dossier and Chemical Safety Report for TMT 15 (CAS-RN 17766-26-6/EC No. 241-749-5) have been submitted by Evonik Industries AG as lead registrant under the registration number 01-2119970332-41-0000 and accepted as complete by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

We are pleased to report that, with the help of a number of customers, we have been able to achieve and document safe application for Evonik’s TMT 15 in the following uses.

Registered uses of TMT 15

  • Heavy metal precipitation from the flue gas scrub water of combustion plants (e.g. waste incineration, coal or biomass power plants)
  • Heavy metal precipitation in wet scrubbers of combustion plants (e.g. for reduction of mercury emission in the cleaned gas)
  • Heavy metal precipitation in wastewater treatment plants in a variety of industries (e.g. the metalworking and metal processing industries, surface treatment and mining)
  • Immobilization of heavy metals in solids (e.g. in remediation projects)

The timely registration of TMT 15®, which covers a number of application fields, enables downstream users, to use our product in the future in tried and tested applications.

The website of the European Chemicals Agency contains a summary of all important REACH information.