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Safety and handling

TMT 15® has very favourable toxicological and ecological properties compared to all other available sulphur based precipitating agents.
Besides the very low acute toxicity (LD50 7878 mg TMT 15®/kg) TMT 15® is practically not toxic for fish (LC0 13720 mg TMT 15®/l) and water fleas (Daphnia magna, EC50 4224 mg TMT 15®/l). TMT 15® is not mutagen and shows no acute toxicity against bacterial population. The toxicity to green algae is low (IC50 273 mg TMT 15®/l).

TMT 15® is classified "Irritant", GHS symbol 07, Exclamation mark (H319 - Causes serious eye irritation). The usual precautionary measures for dealing with chemicals should be observed. Avoid contact to skin and eyes. Wear hand and eye protection..

TMT 15® has a good storage stability and is not considered as a dangerous substance according to the transport regulations. TMT 15® is a safe product. Should TMT 15® accidentally come into contact with acids no carbon disulphide and only minor amounts of hydrogen sulphide are released and the acidic form of TMT 15® (TMT-H3) would precipitate, which is practically insoluble in water. This reaction is reversible and the TMT sodium salt can be achieved again by the addition of caustic soda.

As TMT 15® is stable in the acidic range, it is directly added to the acidic scrubber water for the Hg-precipitation in some plants. The acid/base reaction of TMT is used to determine the TMT 15® concentration.
For further information please see the current material safety data sheet.