About TMT 15®


TMT 15® is proven 

  • many reference sites all over the world in various industries
  • state of the art for combustion plants
  • globally available via the Evonik sales network
  • delivery reliability through customer oriented marketing and logistics concept
  • technical support through experienced application-technological competence
  • TMT 15® REACH registered

TMT 15® is efficient

  • highly effective, helps to meet the heavy metal limits (even if the hydroxide precipitation fails)
  • effective over a wide pH-range, in both alkaline and acidic environment
  • easy and inexpensive to integrate into existing waste water treatment plants
  • the thermally stable heavy metal TMT compounds are suitable for spray-drying processes

TMT 15® is safe to handle

  • ready to use solution that is safe to handle and store
  • no dangerous substances
  • no decomposition products
  • odorless

TMT 15® is environmentally friendly

  • favourable toxicological and ecological characteristics
  • forms compounds that are difficult to elute and safe to dump in landfills